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  • Konsultacja/Terapia online

    Spotkanie z psychoterapeutą online może mieć formę terapii indywidualnej lub w niektórych przypadkach terapii par. Spotkanie odbywa się na platformie zoom. Jeśli z jakiegoś powodu wolisz spotkać się w przestrzeni wirtualnej wybierz ten rodzaj wsparcia.

  • Konsultacja psychologiczna

    Spotkania dla osób, które chcą omówić swoje plany, przyjrzeć się swoim celom, podjąć istotne decyzje. Polecane dla osób, które potrzebują wsparcia w kwestiach związanych z pracą zawodową, nauką lub planami czy zmianami życiowymi. Zapraszamy również osoby, które odczuwają silny stres w pracy, spadek motywacji czy brak zainteresowania dotychczasowymi zadaniami, które nie czerpią satysfakcji z wykonywania pracy.

  • Diagnoza psychologiczna

    1. Pierwsze spotkanie - wywiad i konsultacja diagnostyczna - 160 zł 2. Kolejne spotkania - przeprowadzenie testów Test organiczny (funkcje poznawcze) - 1h - 250 zł Test ilorazu inteligencji - 2 h - 500 zł Dysleksja i dyskalkulia - 1 h - 400 zł Diagnoza ADHD, ADD, ODD (u dzieci i dorosłych) - 3 wizyty - 700 zł Diagnoza zespołu Aspergera - 3/4 wizyty - 1200 zł Test MMPI-2 - pierwsza wizyta – wywiad, druga i trzecia wizyta – test 800 zł 3. Ostatnie spotkanie - zalecenia i omówienie wyników - 160 zł 4. Sporządzenie pisemnej opinii psychologicznej (do szkoły/uczelni/zakładu pracy/sądu) - 250 zł

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  • terapia z koniem, terapia depresji, terapia zaburzenia odżywniania| Terapia Solutio

    Equine Assisted Therapy Animal Assisted Therapy is an orderly and planned therapeutic process carried out during sessions with a psychotherapist. Its origins date back to the 90s and since then, this therapy has been gaining popularity, especially in the USA and Great Britain. It uses the same assumptions, goals and structure as "traditional" therapy, but what makes it different is the presence of an animal that creates and facilitates an environment conducive to the process of psychotherapy. The animal is therefore a helper, one could say the therapist's assistant - but the therapist is responsible for the process and he watches over it. Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy: ​ Easier to start therapy For many people, contact with an animal is easier than with a human. It allows you to build trust and a sense of security in therapy without the need to tell or use words at all. ​ ​ Reduced levels of stress and anxiety Research clearly shows that stroking, warmth, and the touch of the fur have a calming effect on the person who interacts with the animal. It can also be the beginning of work on regulating your own emotions and level of arousal. The client has the opportunity to learn and recognize his own reactions. This type of contact with an animal is therapeutic in itself. ​ Social skills and relationships Contact with an animal opens the way to building communication skills, empathy, and interacting in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. This communication is often easier for clients, it allows you to deal more easily with shyness and fear of rejection . ​ Self-confidence and self-esteem Contact with a therapeutic animal by carrying out the tasks proposed by the therapist strengthens the sense of competence, self-efficacy and pride in the successes achieved. The client actively builds a sense of self-confidence, learns to set goals and cope with failures. ​ Contact with a horse creates a certain therapeutic context, different from that in the office. It creates conditions and opportunities to discover new perspectives, skills and ways of understanding yourself and your environment. ​ We especially recommend it to people who struggle with: ​ depression mood disorders phobias social anxiety mutism ADHD eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia PTSD professional burnout ​ We invite children, teenagers and adults . During the initial consultation, we will answer all your questions and choose the appropriate type of therapy. The initial consultation is free of charge. ​ Organization: The therapy takes place in the stable near Rzgow Horse therapy is not hippotherapy and is not related to mounting a horse The meeting takes place in a covered hall or on the outside square We recommend a suitable, comfortable outfit Meetings are held at the weekend and last 1 hour Our animals are properly prepared and insured ​ ​ Olga Mac - Psychologist, Therapist of Therapy Solution Focused, sport instructor Horse Riding ​ ​ ​ Links: Zadzwoń Nasi asystenci Faraon 18 years old, gelding breed is a noble half-blood He likes all fruits, plays with brushes and balls - he just really likes contact with people Capriam 20 years old, gelding breed is a noble half-blood He always has his opinion, although it changes it quickly under the influence of candies and carrots Necklace 21 years old, works with the youngest, she is a retired pony, especially likes brushing the mane and tail

  • Psychoterapia Łódź, psycholog Łódź, terapia online| Terapia Solutio

    If you need support, want to feel better, find balance, reconcile with yourself or looking for new ways to be happy then you are in the right place. Psychotherapy, psychological support SOLUTIO is a place where we care for you and your well-being. You are the most important to us - psychotherapy taking place in our offices in Łódź is organized in such conditions as to provide you with the best possible support. We provide help in areas such as depression, insomnia, anxiety and anxiety, depressed mood, eating disorders or loss and mourning. Our psychologists help in life difficulties. They are qualified specialists with extensive knowledge and many years of experience in providing counselling. They provide support both as part of individual, family and couples therapy. In every situation, we provide help in overcoming problems (e.g. depression, eating disorders, insomnia), focusing on the goals that the client wants to achieve and ways to solve difficulties in professional or private life. More Oriental graphic element Our support We offer psychological support and psychotherapy. Below you will find areas where we help: Bullet point Depression Bullet point Depressed mood Bullet point Mood swings Bullet point Emotional control Bullet point Relationships with people Bullet point Anxiety and restlessness Bullet point Stress and trauma Bullet point Insomnia Bullet point Eating disorders Bullet point Wsparcie okołoporodowe Bullet point Perinatal support Bullet point Worrying Bullet point Spektrum autyzmu Bullet point Loss and mourning Bullet point Stres Oriental graphic element Types of meetings Meetings can be arranged by selecting the Book button or by calling 602 103 370 Make an appointment Call me Rodzaje terapii i wsparcia Oriental graphic element Clients about us "After the first meeting, I felt better. It made me believe that it could be better ..." Katie Adres i kontakt contact I accept the privacy policy and consent to the processing of my personal data. See the GDPR policy Thanks for submitting! Submit

  • Types of therapy | Terapia Solutio| Terapia Solutio

    In our offices, we offer meetings with experienced therapists. During a visit in a safe atmosphere, you can talk about your problems related to low mood, depression or anxiety disorders. We deal with difficulties in coping with emotions, in coping with stress and professional burnout. During individual psychotherapy, we discuss sleep problems, worry or coping with loss and grief. During couples therapy, we look for solutions to conflicts, communication problems and strengthen the relationship between partners. We invite parents to family therapy for children who have problems with upbringing, building relationships with peers or self-esteem. In our offices, we offer online therapy and therapy in English. Terapia online Therapy in english Konsultacja psychologiczna Read More 55 min 160 Polish zlotys 160 zł Rezerwuj Diagnoza psychologiczna Read More 55 min From 160 Polish zlotys From 160 zł Rezerwuj Terapia indywidualna Read More 55 min 160 Polish zlotys 160 zł Rezerwuj Konsultacja/Terapia online Read More 55 min 160 Polish zlotys 160 zł Rezerwuj Terapia par Read More 55 min 200 Polish zlotys 200 zł Rezerwuj Terapia rodzinna Read More 1 godz. 25 min 240 Polish zlotys 240 zł Rezerwuj Terapia dla dzieci i młodzieży Read More 55 min 160 Polish zlotys 160 zł Rezerwuj Wsparcie w ciąży i po porodzie Read More 55 min 160 Polish zlotys 160 zł Rezerwuj Therapy in english Read More 55 min 200 Polish zlotys 200 zł Rezerwuj Warsztaty: Neuroatypowość Read More Sat 1 godz. 80 Polish zlotys 80 zł Rezerwuj Warsztaty: Radzenie sobie ze stresem Read More Sat 1 godz. 80 Polish zlotys 80 zł Rezerwuj Warsztaty: Zaburzenia odżywiania Read More Wed 1 godz. 80 Polish zlotys 80 zł Rezerwuj

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